First Post

I have to say I was quite challenged in setting up this blog!  I still have not worked out how to add text to the “ABOUT” page, so all I was able to put there was a picture of my ol’ smiling face! lol    I have to give a shout-out to the wonderful people at and Paper Crafts magazine!  It was the Stamping Royalty 2013 contest that got me spurred on to create a blog as it appears to be a requirement for the contest!  And what a contest it is!  The winners get $750 of craft supplies! (and who couldn’t  use some more supplies for their crafting!) You have to have your entries POSTMARKED by Monday, April 8.  I’m hoping to get mine in the mail by tomorrow – if I’m lucky – right now I’m fighting the flu!  Oh well, if I don’t get to enter this year, then maybe next! Hugs, Stephanie


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