His and Hers Online Card Class – Day 1 Homework

Hello all!  Another late night for me…so I am working on my Day 1 homework from the His and Hers Online Card class!   Just click the following image to join up — it’s not too late!

His & Hers

Today, Kristina talked about using the same sketch to create a card for him and a card for her.  She also encouraged us to think about what elements we feel are “feminine” versus “masculine” – keeping in mind that there are always exceptions to the rules! 🙂

So, I created a sketch with the “thinking of you theme” and used it for two cards I made — I think (as least, I hope) that it is pretty apparent which is for him versus her! lol


Elements which are “masculine” to me – darker and/or neutral colors; objects/subjects such as watches, cars, airplanes, trains, hats, mustaches, bugs, critters/animals, twine (you get the drift); embellishments which are subtle, non-shiny; textures such as woodgrain, brick, rough surfaces, splatters, canvas, distressed; and inks which stay to the neutral, dark and warm tones/shades.

Elements which are “feminine” to me – light and bright and pastel colors; objects/subjects such as flowers, children, butterflies, flowers, fashion, flowers, bows, flowers, ribbons, gems, trellis, flowers, (did I say ‘flowers’ yet?); embellishments which are bright, shiny, glittery; textures that are soft; inks that are pastel, bright or light in tones/shades.

I am sure I will add more to this list as class goes on, and I hope to try Jennifer’s Day 1 technique tomorrow (or I guess it’s really today!).   I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with! Hugs!

2 thoughts on “His and Hers Online Card Class – Day 1 Homework

  1. Great example of what class was all about today. I love how you changed up the focal point and colors to make two completely different cards. Nice work!

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