His and Hers Online Card Class – Day 2 Homework

While it is really Day 4 in class, I am running behind on homework! 🙂  Some days, you feel more inspired than others — and, some days, you’re just too tired to do homework! lol  However, I will try to catch up before the weekend is out, if possible!  Day 2’s class content focused on Happy Birthday cards for His and Her – however, since I already had plenty of birthday cards in my stash, I decided to make “appreciation” cards. I chose the theme – “You are the Best” which could readily be changed to a Happy Birthday card if need be.   Jennifer McGuire demonstrated two variations on a technique which she coined “kaleidoscope inking”  (I’ve known it as “rainbow inking”) – I have demonstrated each variation of the technique in these cards.  Also,  Cristina Kowalczyk demonstrated coloring vellum with Copic markers, so I also included this technique on the “His” card.  Here are the my cards – 


You comments are very much welcomed and appreciated! Hugs!

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