Wishing You Weren’t So Far Away Card

Hi all!  I decided to spend time weeding my flower beds this past week!  One of the conditions I am challenged by is called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, and when I spend time doing physical activity, I spend two to three times that to recover!  So I weeded one day, slept/rested for two, weeded again on day, slept/rested for two days…you get my drift — so I’ve been too tired to make anything!  I am hoping to do some challenges this week if all goes well! 🙂

I did manage to make this card for a special someone who’s just too far away for me to see as often as I like! I used Twinkling H2Os directly on the stamp image to stamp, and then blended in another color to shade the flower.  The background is also Twinkling H2Os watercolored in streaks across the page — I thought it added great texture and shine to the card, overall.

ImageThe only thing I think I would do different on this card, next time, is to heat emboss the sentiment in white so it would stand out a bit more. Later gator! Hugs!

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