OCC Summer Camp 2 – Week 1, Day 2, Card 2

I’m back!  Needing to make another card – this one is for my soon-to-be 22 year old son’s birthday – I thought I could whack two birds with one stone, so to speak – a birthday card for my son that also fit the requirements of one of today’s lessons!  However, this really ended up to be an exercise in problem fixing – as you will soon see what I mean!

I was doing the multi-inking technique for my card, actually finishing the card, thinking “oh this turned out great!” – THEN, I took a picture.  If you take pictures of your cards then you know that the picture shows EVERY LITTLE FLAW!!! lol  Here’s the picture, of what I thought was a finished card —

ImageApparently, I did not ink up the “Let’s Celebrate” very well.  So, I was going to stamp back over it, which would be easy enough as it is a clear stamp.  Just as I was going down to press, my hands tremored (good ol’ Multiple Sclerosis!) and this is what I ended up with —

ImageNot so pretty, huh?  Well, I wasn’t going to let all that great cardstock, ink and effort go to waste – so, I came up with a “fix” — I re-stamped the sentiment on a seperate piece of cardstock and die cut it out with a Spellbinders die from the A2 Matting Basics B die set. I inked the edges to add some definition to the shape. Then, I popped it up with dimensional foam tape.  I wanted to be able to read the sentiment above and below it, so I went with the smallest rectangle that would fit the sentiment.  I actually like this look better! Here it is –

ImageSo what do you all think?  I appreciate any feedback or other fix strategies! 🙂  Have a wonderful day! Hugs!

13 thoughts on “OCC Summer Camp 2 – Week 1, Day 2, Card 2

  1. We all make mistakes with stamping, but your card was beautiful! Remember, these are hand made and sometimes the inperfections make them even more beautiful! But, a clever fix . . .

  2. These happy colors do work for a child or adult and a male or female card. I love your bits of sparkle sprinkled here and there. And I think your fix ended up more like a “I meant to do that!” because it makes a terrific focal sentiment that way. Way to make lemonade out of the original lemon.

  3. Your “fix” was a great idea! It makes that middle sentiment stand out! I like all of your cards, by the way.

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