OCC Summer Card Camp 2 – Week 2, Day 2 – Embossing

Our homework today is to incorporate heat embossing into our cards – still using the color combination and/or the sketches.

Since I did one of each of the sketches yesterday, I thought I would just focus on a heat embossing technique.  I call this technique – faux holographic embossing – and the result is totally amazing, and the pictures do not do a very good job of capturing the play in colors as you move the card.

Hopefully, you will get the gist from these instructions – I have yet to master my video camera to do videos; one of these days, I will! lol


1. Take a piece of acetate (works best with .007 acetate sheets), cut to size – slightly smaller than the card front you will adhere it to (your card base should be made with Glossy paper).

2. Using alcohol inks – apply with a little bit of Alcohol Blending Solution using the alcohol inking tool/felt – pounce color over entire sheet, getting good coverage. Let dry. (On my acetate sheet, I used various shades of brown alcohol inks.)

3. Since I had the Impression Obsession C-A-C Tapestry 2 on my desk from yesterday, I completely inked the stamp with Versamark.

4. On the alcohol-inked side of the acetate, rub the embossing powder tool to prepare the surface for stamping with the Versamark-inked stamp (in previous step).  Since the stamp is so large, I laid the acetate, alcohol-inked side against the Versamark- inked stamp, and pressed with my hands for a good impression. (Be careful not to move the acetate sheet or the image will be smeared.)

5. Coat with Superfine Detail Clear embossing powder.  Heat emboss – quickly – do not linger on a spot too long or the acetate will warp.

6. Once the acetate cools, use an alcohol wipe or Adirondack’s Alcohol Blending Solution and rub over the embossed piece.  This will remove all the alcohol ink that is not “trapped” beneath the embossed image.

7. Flip the acetate piece over, and on the uninked-unembossed side, apply Pearl Metallic mixative, with a little bit of Alcohol Blending Solution, using the alcohol inking tool/felt.  Let dry – set aside.

8. Working with your Glossy Paper card base (the front panel), select the alcohol ink colors you want to use.  (On my card, I used blues and greens). Again, with a little bit of Alcohol Blending Solution and  the alcohol inking tool/felt, pounce color on panel, getting good coverage. Let dry.

9. Take your acetate panel, and on the pearl-inked side of the panel, apply a thin coat of glossy accents over the entire panel. (You want the entire acetate panel to be directly adhered to the inked glossy cardstock.)

10. Adhere acetate panel to the alcohol-inked glossy cardstock.

The combination of shiny surfaces, along with the pearlized side of the acetate, help create a unique effect – as you move the card in the light – you get beautiful holographic-like effects!

Here are pictures of the card I made with this technique — although the pictures do not do it justice — this has much more impact, up close and personal!


If you keep your eye on the flower just slightly above and to the left of the “Thinking”, you can see how it changes colors as the light moves across it in the next photo.

Much more of the pearl shows when more light is reflected on the surface of the card. It’s just so pretty!


This photo does not have any direct light on the surface – so more of the color on the Glossy cardstock shows through.

Please feel free to leave any questions. comments, or suggestions! Hugs!

9 thoughts on “OCC Summer Card Camp 2 – Week 2, Day 2 – Embossing

    • Actually, I came up with this technique when I was making Christmas cards last year with acetate overlays. I just thought it would be something nice to share with everyone since the subject matter in today’s lessons is heat embossing! 🙂

  1. Video…please. I love the look of this but I’m much better with a visual than an explanation. I can’t seem to picture all of the steps but would love to reproduce this. Gorgeous!!

    • I will definitely start looking at how to use my video camera this weekend! It’s been sitting in the box and I just haven’t had the time to read how to use it! 🙂

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