OCC Summer Card Camp 2 – Week 2, Day 5 Homework

Yes, today is Sunday – and the subject for today’s post is this past Friday’s homework at onlinecardclasses.com.  Our assignment, should we choose to take it, is to create something utilizing one of the six new color combinations.  The color combo I chose is the last combination which included white, a light blue, a darker blue, green and mid-tone shade of pink.  Using Jennifer’s method for the trifold card, I created the following card –

ImageThe lighter blue is on the strips on the sides of the cards and the darker blue is the sentiment which is embossed with Zing! Denim embossing powder.  Love the style of this card.   Before I made this card, I tried to incorporate the ink-carving method for the leaves – however, because the white spaces in the flower I used were so crisp and thin, the resulting ink-carved leaves looked kind of “cartoonish” next to the flower as the ink-carved veins in the leaves were much wider and less structured. So, I chose a different leaf for the card.  However, I did learn that the ink carving was doable on clear stamps with dye inks! Nice to have another technique in the tool belt, so to speak!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!  This ol’ gal is going to take a nap. 🙂 Hugs!

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