Stamp-A-Faire 2013 – Trying to Post to InLinkz at Capture The Moment

Officially, Papertrey Ink’s Stamp-A-Faire started this past Saturday and the title of these upcoming 10 posts refer to the time the challenges and videos and instructions which were loaded on Saturday.  We have until 10:00 CST, Monday,  to add our cards to the InLinkz for the challenges and prizes.

At this time – 11:23 pm CST on Sunday night – I am unable to post anything to the InLinkz due to Nichole’s blog erroring out repeatedly – with Error 004-29141!!!

We are really disappointed as we worked tirelessly these past two days to get all the cards done for the 10 challenges, and now we are not able to post anything!

I am going to go ahead and prepare the posts in Draft form and, hopefully, get up early tomorrow to try to post to the InLinkz!

Night all!


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